How Does It Work?

You simply sign in as a consumer or a business, or both! There is no charge to use The Lucky Deal. Simply begin browsing the deals, searching for local coupons, and printing your discounts for your next big savings. The Lucky Deal will never spam you

Or, if you are a business, make a profile for your company, create a coupon (or select one of our easy to use templates), and begin building your customer base.

The Lucky Deal aims to connect consumers with local businesses to create a loyal and lasting relationship in a marketing community that benefits both parties. The experience is advantageous, every deal is lucky, and good fortune results for all.

Who benefits from The Lucky Deal?

Everyone: It’s a win-win situation.

As consumers, we look for discounts, deals, and clearances. We bargain hunt, search for coupon codes, and enter drawings to win free stuff. Well, The Lucky Deal is all of that in one. All can browse the site under their personal local listings and find coupons, discounts, and freebies in their area. The only thing they have to do is click and print. There is no cost to use the service and customers never have to pay in advance. If you print the coupon and use it, great! If not, no big deal; you don’t lose money.

Consumers can come back as many times and they want and continue to search for daily deals. There are also Super Coupons which provide even bigger savings. Users can enter sweepstakes and drawings for huge savings and win free prizes! As a lucky bonus, all who enter the sweepstakes will receive a consolation prize in gratitude for their highly appreciated participation.

For the business owner, the coupon benefits of The Lucky Deal are substantial. The Lucky Deal does not require that businesses give up a percentage of the revenue they receive from promotions they offer. Many daily deal websites exploit small businesses by taking half of the earnings. This hurts the business and is not a smart marketing tactic. The Lucky Deal provides a service that allows businesses to advertise their companies and promote their own discounts, deals, promotions, or sweepstakes at their own discretion and within their personal control. In turn, a business gains a positive reputation with loyal customers who return for the excellent service they received and share the valued deal with others.

What’s the difference between a Local Coupon, Super Coupon, and a Sweepstakes?

Local Coupons are every day savings and discounts to your favorite spots in your community. They’re like those handy little fliers you get in the mail, BUT these are the deals you WANT. They’re not those pesky postcards stuck on your car window.

By using The Lucky Deal, you can find awesome savings for 20% OFF your favorite restaurant or a Buy One Get One FREE offer on your next pair of shoes. You can search out the types of deals you specifically want. Coupons can be for anything from automotive to jewelers to home services. The idea is to connect YOU to the great deals in YOUR area that you probably didn’t even know existed. Local Coupons help you find savings at the local businesses that interest you.

Instead of taking that stack of ads and coupons from your mailbox and stuffing them in the trash, you can sort through the best deals in town right from your computer. When you find one you want to use, just print it out and start saving money!

How do Local Coupons work?

After registering with The Lucky Deal, a profile is created for you. Just sign into your account and click to choose the deals you would like. Once you have chosen the deals, they will be saved to your profile. This way, you have the option to print your coupons immediately or save them for another time. When you are ready to take advantage of the deals just go to your account, print the coupons you want to use, and take them to the participating businesses to redeem the offer!

What are the fees?

There is absolutely no fee for The Lucky Deal users to print or redeem Local Coupons!

Super Coupons are extra special daily deals and bonus discounts for 50-90% OFF at your favorite local businesses. Like Local Coupons, Super Coupons provide you with the opportunity to search out the types of offers and promotions specific to your needs and personal taste. Super Coupons are bonus offers and the discount you receive is a much greater value.

A major discount at the local salon may not be your thing, but the 2 for 1 massage might be the perfect remedy for your stressful week. Super Coupons are usually offered for a limited time only, so it’s best to redeem them while the deal lasts!

Super Coupons provide offers in similar categories and locations as local coupons, but the savings are much greater. The deals are bigger and better. Just click the offers you love and start enjoying savings that are super duper.

How do Super Coupons work?

Once you have chosen the Super Coupon you would like to use, click the offer and either add it to your profile to redeem later or print it and use immediately, similar to the Local Coupon process. After you have printed it out, simply take it to the participating business. The business establishes the time frame in which the Super Coupon is valid, so make sure to check the dates of the offer on each Super Coupon. The amount of Super Coupons available to customers may be limited by each business as well.  So, be sure to check The Lucky Deal as often as possible to make sure you’re up to date on all the latest deals!

What are the fees?

There is absolutely no fee for The Lucky Deal users to print or redeem Super Coupons!

Sweepstakes are opportunities for FREE Stuff! Everyone likes to win, especially when it involves winning great prizes. Local businesses create amazing packages that include anything from FREE car detailing to a FREE weekend hotel stay or even a FREE makeover. All you have to do is search the sweepstakes listings for the offers that appeal to you, enter your email, and wait for the rewards!

It’s completely FREE to enter the sweepstakes. Once the drawing ends, the winner is notified and can redeem their prize. Another bonus of the sweepstakes is that everyone is a winner. As a token of appreciation for entering, even if you don’t win the grand prize, businesses will still send a consolation prize as a gift! There is no reason not to enter a sweepstakes. There’s no catch. Everyone wins.

How does it work?

The Lucky Deal Sweepstakes gives local businesses an opportunity to give away FREE services and prizes away to the public to expose their products and services to a new set of customers.  Once you have logged onto your account, simply choose which Sweepstakes you would like to enter and follow the instructions.

You may enter each Sweepstakes only once, but you can always enter as many sweepstakes as you would like! After the Sweepstakes ends, you will be notified via the email if you have won. Keep an eye out for emails because many of The Lucky Deal clients offer prizes to all participating contestants.

What are the fees?

There is absolutely no fee for The Lucky Deal users to enter as many sweepstakes as they want!