Become a Lucky Deal Agent: How It Works?

The Lucky Deal is a platform through which users of the website can discover new businesses in their area, support the local community, and save on necessary services they would have paid full price for otherwise. As an agent, however, the most important aspect of The Lucky Deal is how it allows businesses to increase their consumer base and bring in more revenue merely by posting coupons. As an agent of The Lucky Deal, your job is to scout new businesses and encourage them to post their promotions on The Lucky Deal.

What do you get out of it? Agents presumably have a background in marketing businesses through coupon production, or just marketing in general. No doubt you’ve noticed how costly the print-coupon marketing business has become. The Lucky Deal is the opportunity you and your clients have been waiting for. By posting promotions on The Lucky Deal, your clients can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a month in print-coupons.

The Lucky Deal has created a platform for the easy use of customers, businesses, and agents. Businesses can create their own deals, and agents can gather their database of clients and manage it via our easy-to-use platform. Every business that you add to your clientele will become part of your monthly returns.

The opportunity to become a Lucky Deal agent is the opportunity to run your own business under the umbrella of an established, successful company. The Lucky Deal offers agents full support in every aspect of the job, from technical assistance to business management. As an agent, you are only an affiliate of The Lucky Deal, which means you may run your agency the way you are used to managing your clients, without any unnecessary impediments from The Lucky Deal administrators.

At this time The Lucky Deal is functioning in a start-up capacity, and currently will waive the affiliation fees for certain qualified individuals and companies. You get the opportunity to affiliate yourself with a successful company without having to pay an affiliation fee. Imagine being told you were allowed to start your own franchise of McDonalds without having to pay for the McDonalds name? That is the opportunity currently offered by The Lucky Deal.

Once The Lucky Deal begins to monetize, businesses will have to pay to use the services offered by The Lucky Deal. Unlike the thousands of dollars businesses spend to print direct-mailer coupons, The Lucky Deal will charge $100-500 per month to list promotions on its website. Your residuals will be based on a percentage of this monthly fee.

How Does Being a Lucky Deal agent Work?

Once approved, each Lucky Deal agent will receive an agency code number. When your clients register for The Lucky Deal, they will be prompted to enter your agency’s code number, alerting the system to your management of that business. From there the process is simple. Once your clients start paying The Lucky Deal, you receive a percentage of their monthly fee. It’s as simple as that.

Our easy-to-use online platform allows you to manage the accounts of your clients, from creating their business accounts to publishing their promotions. This way you can walk your clients through the process of managing their own promotions should they need any help.

As an agent, you are responsible for bringing new business to The Lucky Deal. To remain a Lucky Deal agent, you must make increases in your business registrations on a month-by-month basis.

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Become a Lucky Deal Agent