Agency Affiliation Opportunities with The Lucky Deal

Affiliating Your Agency with The Lucky Deal.

Are you interested in the opportunity to work with The Lucky Deal? By affiliating your agency with our parent company Ameriscope, you will be able to provide your clients with a free platform on which they can advertise their deals, promotions, and coupons.

Direct mail marketing is a proven strategy, but it is only one aspect; to ignore the ever-expanding realm of internet marketing would be foolish. The Lucky Deal offers a platform that allows you to control every aspect of your client’s internet marketing from one easy-to-use site. When you choose to become an affiliate of The Lucky Deal, you are getting in on the ground level of the next biggest step in direct marketing.

While affiliated with and working under the umbrella of The Lucky Deal you will receive the full support of The Lucky Deal, but will maintain full control of your agency, as you are not actually a part of The Lucky Deal. Because you are your own entity, you are able to continue managing your clients as you always have without fear of interference, but also have access to the wide range of web development and marketing services that The Lucky Deal can provide should your clients have need.

How Does it Work?

The Lucky Deal is built upon easy-to-use software that is integrated with an agency-based platform. Many businesses already advertise through various medias including printed material, but as the use of paper continues to decrease there are endless opportunities to convert advertisers to money-saving and eco-friendly online promotions. Creating an agency with The Lucky Deal is perfect for marketing and advertising professionals with existing customers that have, or would like to, supplement their current print advertising with affordable online advertising.

The Lucky Deal is currently waiving agency start-up fees for qualified individuals and companies, and should you have any trouble or issues, you will have the full support of The Lucky Deal staff to assist you.

What are the Responsibilities of an Agency?

Agencies, and their representatives, are responsible for finding businesses within their area to advertise on The Lucky Deal. Agency duties include learning the business end of The Lucky Deal in order to know how to explain the platform to their businesses, as well as expanding their agency by bringing in additional clients each month.

Although associated under the umbrella of The Lucky Deal, agencies and their representatives function as separate entities. Agents will be the contact person for the businesses they acquire, and that includes settling customer service issues. You will always have the full support of The Lucky Deal staff to assist you with any concerns. With our platform already set up and in place, agencies can decide for themselves how far they want their business to expand.

What are the Costs of Affiliating an Agency?

The Lucky Deal is currently waiving agency start-up fees for qualifies individuals and companies, but this offer will not last after The Lucky Deal has completed its initial launch phase. Act quickly for the chance to find success at no cost to yourself.

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