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The Lucky Deal isn’t just an impersonal website with a list of coupons and nothing more. At The Lucky Deal, you have the option to use your email address to register and make a user profile. This profile will be customized to your preferences and location so you can quickly find coupons to businesses in your area, in categories that you love.

One of the best advantage of registering with The Lucky Deal is the ability to save coupons for later use. If you’re browsing the website during your lunch break or while spending time with the kids at home, sometimes you don’t have time to immediately print out the coupons for deals that catch your eye. But not to worry. Instead of searching endlessly for one coupon you saw a week ago, if you’re registered with The Lucky Deal, you need only click “save” to return to that coupon whenever you are ready to print it out and bring it to the business in question.

At The Lucky Deal, our goal is to make saving on your favorite local businesses as simple as possible. Simplicity doesn’t just apply to finding and using coupons, but to your sense of security, as well. We will never use your email address to send you unwanted ads or updates. Your information will only be used to contact you in the event that you have saved coupons that may have expired, or if you win a prize in a sweepstakes contest you entered. Sometimes at The Lucky Deal, you’ll even win when you lose. We’ll use your email to alert you to free consolation prizes that some local businesses offer in lieu of winning the big prize.

All promotions at The Lucky Deal are free to print, so there is never a need to enter sensitive information like credit card numbers on our site. All you need to do to redeem the deals you find on The Lucky Deal is print out the coupon you want and present it to the merchant in question. If you change your mind about wanting the deal or the coupon expires, you won’t lose any money; all you’ll have to do is throw the coupon away.

The Lucky Deal was created to look after your best interests: to help visitors save money, and to use the money they do spend to improve the businesses in their community. Start saving today and register now.