About Us

The Lucky Deal is not just another online coupon service: it’s an online coupon savings platform that is available to local businesses and customers absolutely free.

Everyone needs coupons. But coupons live on too many platforms and can be a hassle to locate. Not long ago, The Lucky Deal was built to solve this problem. Created as an environmental, anti-paper alternative for businesses to advertise their services, The Lucky Deal is an online coupon platform that is accessible 24/7 from a smart phone or computer, and is free to use for businesses and customers. No catches, no gimmicks and no hassles.

In a perfect world, consumers would have coupons for every purchase. By sourcing coupons directly from local businesses, The Lucky Deal keeps community commerce flowing by giving every business a free distribution platform for coupons. More coupons equates to more savings for the average consumer. With the perfect mix of big brands and small businesses, The Lucky Deal platform encompasses all outlets for daily spending.

So throw away your monthly coupon mailers and flag your email savings spam. The Lucky Deal has all of your local deals in one place, with new online coupons added every single day.

For business owners, there are absolutely no qualifications to sign up. We won’t even ask you for any money. You have the power to control your company’s online coupons. And once the coupons have been entered into our system, they are monitored for quality then free to share with your community.

  • • Local Coupons are a habitual savings coupon for items or services a customer may already be using. These coupons are free to print out and valid for 1 to 4 weeks after printing.

  • • Super Coupons offer even greater savings from 50 to 90 percent off. These coupons are in limited supply and disappear for good once they expire or have all been used.

  • • Sweepstakes give consumers the chance to win a free product or service from local businesses, with smaller consolation prizes for runners-up. Sweepstakes can generate incredible community buzz for a local business that might otherwise be unnoticed.

Now that you know how The Lucky Deal saves people money, sign up for deals near you today! For local business owners, you can register your company’s online coupons right here.